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Every product that is able to connect to the internet needs to implement an adequate set of security measures. Security, though often neglected or added at the very end of product design, is an essential enabling element of digital technologies and IoT. IoT includes several vertical markets: automotive, home control, manufacturing, smart grid, …

Safety requirement certification schemes are being defined for each of these sectors. To date, the first sector that is developing a set of regulations is the automotive one.

From 2022 onwards security requirements and their certification will become a homologation requirement (UN Regulation R155), which will be met by compliance with the ISO 21434 standard.

For all other markets, the EU has approved the Cybersecurity Act (in 2019) and an agency (ENISA) was commissioned, in order to develop, in 2 years, the certification schemes for the European “security” label for all related systems.

The product that is currently being developed is aimed at all IoT sectors, with special focus on automotive embedded systems as the most promising in terms of volume and time.

WESETH is for those who develop, integrate and certify IoT systems. Check if you are in the list:

  • OEM/Product Designer
  • Tier1/2 of components of IOT Systems
  • Certification Authorities/Technical Services