Partnership program

The Ecosystem

Drivesec is building an Ecosystem of Companies interested in delivering VA and PT services using WESETH.

This will enable a completely new model to deliver services and open a new world of opportunities. Iotcy can enable a continuous vulnerability assessment model that can support OEMs and Tier1s during the whole product development cycle. Testing security requirements ahead of time can guarantee a robust design of the final products, with higher chances to reach the target sets by the Technical service for the product certification

Being part of the Ecosystem will help Partners to be-reached by VA and PT customers, that can find then on the list of Ecosystem members on the Iotcy Portal

Iotcy will dramatically lag between Companies and Customers, and is going to simplify the way in which a service provider is selected and engaged.

Be part of the Ecosystem

WESETH is a tool to optimize VA and PT processes, achieving also a large economic saving and a reduction of the time to market.

WESETH is also a way to shorten the lag between who need services and who deliver services.

To achieve this Drivesec is building an ECOSYSTEM of Partners that can be associated to WESETH.

The partnership can be define in 2 ways:

Iotcy partnership program



To know more about WESETH partnership program email to or